In Williamsburg, Virginia, colonial America is brought to life as visitors learn about the courageous individuals and the words of wisdom that helped form our nation – while in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a group of high school students learn about one of the most important battles in the Civil War.

President George W. Bush introduces a new program to develop educational and employment opportunities for America’s servicemen and women – while former First Lady Laura Bush prepares to welcome a group of women leaders from the Middle East who will be participating in her Women’s Initiative Fellowship Program.

As the canonization of Blessed John Paul II nears, the Shrine named in his honor adds new items to the exhibit celebrating the life and legacy of Karol Wojtyla.

The world’s preeminent conservative think tank hums with activity. An expert on economic policy analyzes a newly introduced tax bill. A former military officer, standing before a packed auditorium, delivers a lecture on the importance of missile defense. A young summer intern learns the basics of working with the national news media.

These are our clients. Our work helps make their work possible.

With our in-house creative, copywriting, and art team, Warfield & Walsh offers an outstanding creative vision tailor-made to each client’s unique message and identity. Each client is extraordinary, every market unique – and we have the ingenuity and experience to focus each organization on the most effective techniques and themes that will maximize the support they receive for their important missions.