“Laura and I have worked hard to design a unique and active presidential center. The center will be the focus of our attention, the place where we pursue our passions, and the forum for our public service for as long as we live.” – President George W. Bush, 11/12/2009

To bring this vision to life, the George W. Bush Presidential Center enlisted Warfield & Walsh to create a comprehensive direct marketing initiative that would capture the excitement of the Bush Center and energize the millions of Americans who had given their support to President and Mrs. Bush during their years in the White House.

Working closely with the Bush Center’s marketing and policy teams, Warfield & Walsh quickly created a number of incredibly successful prospecting concepts, including a Member Card package that has brought in almost 40,000 donors, and a Freedom Registry that is now a centerpiece of the Bush Center’s fundraising initiatives. Warfield & Walsh has also helped create high-dollar and planned giving campaigns for the Bush Center, and has coordinated with their E-marketing team as well.

With Warfield & Walsh’s expertise, the Bush Center is building a solid foundation of loyal supporters that will sustain President and Mrs. Bush’s vision for generations.