Why Hire Us?

To launch and sustain a successful direct mail program of the complexity necessary to achieve your long-term goals, the direct marketing agency you select must meet several challenges:

The membership retention and special contributions programs must be closely coordinated with the membership acquisition programs.

The agency must be fully qualified to manage and implement every facet of the program, unless your organization has a large in-house direct marketing staff.

File maintenance and analysis of returns must be supervised on a day-to-day basis by an agency that has experience in these fields AND with many types of database management software.

The entire program, the mail schedule and the agency itself must be flexible enough to take advantage of unexpected fundraising and acquisition opportunities.

The mail packages and strategy must be creative enough to set your organization apart from its competitors in the mail.

Warfield & Walsh provides all of our clients with a full-service, comprehensive program, and we've proven ourselves with clients as diverse and demanding as The Heritage Foundation, FOCUS and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.